Our Process – The Neoporte Experience

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your Neoporte door.
We’ll need some basic information to get started like door design, frame configuration, approximate size(s) and finish.
Hardware and glass preference are helpful but not required at this time.
A proposal for your project will be created based on the basic information you’ve provided. The proposal will lay out our standards as well as options that are available to you. Let us know what changes you’d like us to make to the proposal and we’ll be happy to update and resend the proposal. When you are ready to order just fill in the shipping and deposit information, sign, and return! Don’t forget to fill in any missing information that may be highlighted as well. We’ll acknowledge your order with an Order Confirmation, usually within 24 hours.
Initial shop drawings including a full color rendering are typically furnished within 3-5 business days once your order is confirmed. Please review them carefully. We’ll usually request a few more pieces of information from you on these initial drawings regarding wall conditions, lock function, etc. This is also your time to make changes! Once we get all the required information and make changes, we’ll submit a set of final drawings for your review and final approval. Once we receive final, approved drawings we go to production! Click here for information production lead times. You will be notified and invoiced for final payment when your order is ready to ship. Once final payment is processed, your order will ship. The freight carrier will contact you 24 hours prior to delivery.