Neoporte Modern Doors are excellent in every way; stunning in appearance, energy efficiency, security, and reliable functionality. This is our second set of Neoporte exterior double doors. We had them installed in our previous home and loved every aspect of these fine doors. They were an essential part of the current home we recently built because of their superiority. The company provided excellent installation and service and is very responsible. We highly recommend them without reservation.

Marilyn and Jerry  April 10, 2014  Scottsdale, AZ
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I just love my new door from Neoporte. Overall, the engineers and staff were wonderful to deal with and the door was manufactured perfect to spec. Any questions I had were answered promptly and always following through to completion. My door was shipped all the way to Newfoundland, Canada and arrived in perfect condition. I would recommend Neoporte to everyone considering a custom-made door or any other of their products.

Catherine Ohson  January 1, 2014  Newfoundland, Canada
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I thought I would take a minute to let you and everyone at Neoporte know there is not a person that enters into our home without commenting on the door assembly Neoporte produced for us. Our entry door creates a lasting curb appeal that is now commented on by many. Almost every single time without fail when someone visits our home they stop and ask about our entry door. I've been asked so many times I now am starting to feel like a recording. Perhaps we should have created a business card holder to located next to the door. All kidding aside, When I speak to others about our door assembly I do so with great pride. Our Neoporte assembly has proven to be nothing short of a high quality functioning piece of art. Thank you!

My neighbor also has a Neoporte assembly and is equally as happy so I included a couple extra photos from their home as well.

John Cloud  September 15, 2013  Las Vegas, NV
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Just wanted to let you know the door was installed today and it is FABULOUS! Thank you for all your help!

My wife and I are both Architects and we are transforming my office into our home. I live in the famous Cannery Row area and the prevailing Architecture is very eclectic, funky and industrial. Our new home will be the same with concrete walls, steel windows and a mix of finish materials. The Neoporte Cor-Ten door fit the look perfectly! It abuts the concrete wall and the materials work great together. The folks at Neoporte could not have been better to work with. They were very professional and responsive. They provided shop drawings and details so I knew exactly what I was getting. When the door came, we were blown away! The contractor had the door installed in a matter of a couple of hours and it looks stunning! Thank you Derek and Nick and everyone else at Neoporte.

George Ash, Architect  September 15, 2013  Monterey, CA

I love the Neoporte door. I have been installing them for the past 6 years in Beverly Hills in many different configurations. Great product with a wide variety of options to choose from and a great team behind it.

Gala Asher  September 1, 2013  Dream Projects LA - DPLA

Neoporte doors really pulled my house exterior together. These doors are energy efficient, easy to clean and care for, and they look FANTASTIC. Neoporte Sales and Customer Service staff are a pleasure to work with.

Diane O.  September 1, 2013  Breckenridge, CO

Just a short note to reiterate how thrilled I am with the entryway Neoporte doors installed in my Abbot Kinney loft. Not only are they the focal point of the space, they are consistently the topic of conversation amongst visitors. Operationally they "float" open or closed with the touch of a finger. When inside I feel as if I am in a vault. It's been 4 years and not a single repair or maintenance issue.

Bruce W.  September 1, 2013  Abbot Kinney Partners, Venice, CA

We are owners of two beautiful stainless doors from Neoporte. They are both stunning, but the one with the multi-colored, custom glass inserts is cooler. When the light shines in from the outside it lights up the house with the colors from the glass and is magical! Everyone always asks about that door!

Randy & Virginia H.  September 1, 2013  Los Gatos, CA

Hello Nick*, Our NEO by Neoporte entry system arrived on time and complete. It has been installed and looks beautiful! Thank you so much for your help over the past several months. We will definitely be referring Neoporte to anyone we know that is looking to remodel their entry. Have a great New Year!”

*Nick Morvice, Neoporte Production Engineer

Anonymous  January 1, 2013  Paradise Valley, Arizona

I had seen Neoporte in magazines and liked the product's appearance. I figured it would be a "statement-maker" - and it is. I also saw the doors at the Dwell on Design show, and seeing it in person confirmed my initial perception of quality. But I was still reluctant to plunk down basically triple the price for the door (compared to a less expensive alternative). So I looked around a lot on the Internet for less expensive alternatives and I even had a door made for me in Russia. When it arrived it was completely unacceptable. Fortunately I got my money back. So then I called Neoporte and they did what I hoped other would have. They were honest in the time and cost quotes/estimates. Don't get me wrong - it was expensive, and it took longer than I wished, but quality is expensive and takes time! And they delivered exactly what they promised. On time. On budget. Exactly what I wanted. Every detail. And I sweated everything, but they were up to the challenge. To the 1/16".

And now it has been 16 months since the install and the product is exactly as it was when I installed it, other than normal scratches on the threshold from people walking in and out of the house, but even those are easily buffed away. I am very, very happy with Neoporte. I put this right up there with the list of things we did on the house that wouldn't have been there if we were doing a spec home to sell and make a profit. But this is our home, and I love it. And it's funny, but lots of people come to see our home and the front door sets the tone, and people know that this isn't "just another one of those" - which means that we probably could get the $$ out of it with the right buyer. But I don't ever plan to move, so we may never know!

Chris T.  October 1, 2012  Manhattan Beach, CA