General Questions *

Why should I select a Neoporte door system? Neoporte Modern Door is the market leader and innovator in modern steel and stainless steel entry door systems. Our door systems are manufactured in the USA by some of the finest craftsmen in the industry. All components are engineered to work as a complete system, ensuring you unsurpassed performance and the comfort of a turn-key system.

Where can I order a Neoporte door system? Please click here to find out where to buy Neoporte doors.

What is included with my Neoporte entry system? Your entry system is typically furnished as a turn-key system complete with door(s), frame/jamb, glass, threshold, weather seals, and all hardware. Glass is pre-installed in our doors but shipped loose for easy field installation in sidelites and transoms. All hardware is pre-installed, though levers and pulls are removed for shipping purposes.

Can we purchase a Neoporte door only (without a frame)? Maybe. We are happy to provide a door only for use in an existing frame or frame by others but you’ll want to consult with a sales representative to discuss your particular situation.

Are Neoporte doors appropriate for interior use? Neoporte has pioneered modern steel and stainless steel entry door systems but our doors are suitable for a wide variety of other interior applications including pantries, wine rooms, saunas, elevator foyers, and media and theater rooms.

Does Neoporte build gates and courtyard entry doors? Yes. Our doors are well suited for gate and courtyard entry applications. We’ve completed projects involving gate/courtyard-only applications, as well as projects where a gate/courtyard door was used to compliment a home entry door.

Do Neoporte entry doors come “pre-hung”? No, we do not pre-hang the doors in the frame. The frame should be set and installed first, then the door hung in the frame. All hardware is pre-installed on the door. Levers and pulls are removed for shipping purposes.

Do you prepare shop drawings? Yes, Neoporte provides a comprehensive shop drawing package that includes a color rendering of your custom entry door. Shop drawings are provided within 3-5 business days after receipt of your signed proposal and deposit.
Click here to view sample shop drawing package.

Does Neoporte offer installation? No, Neoporte does not offer installation at this time. We may however be able to provide one of our installation experts onsite to oversee the installation process and assist with fine-tuning and adjustments. Please consult your salesperson or project manager for additional information on this added service.

Who should I have install my Neoporte door? We recommend a skilled, trim-level carpenter or better to install your Neoporte door system. Given the construction of your Neoporte system and the hardware used, commercial door and hardware installation and experience are a plus. Our shop drawing package is very comprehensive and your project manager can provide assistance and support via phone, e-mail, etc.

Pricing & Ordering *

Where can I order a Neoporte door system? Please click here to find out where to buy Neoporte doors.

How much do Neoporte door systems cost? Actual cost for a Neoporte door system can vary considerably based on model, size, configuration, and options. Suggested retail pricing starts at approximately $5600 for single door configurations and $9500 for double door configurations, not including freight, crating and taxes. Dealers may offer and charge for additional services including field measuring and installation.

Do you offer any less expensive doors? While Neoporte’s reputation is based on providing beautifully doors with unsurpassed design, craftsmanship, and quality, we recognize that not every project has the budget for a Neoporte door. NEO by Neoporte was created for those more budget conscious projects. NEO by Neoporte delivers the same quality workmanship with some key feature and design differences that allow us to keep the cost down. Please consult with one of our salespersons for additional information on our NEO series.

Do you charge sales tax? Neoporte charges and reports sales tax for sales within the state of Arizona only unless a valid resale certificate is provided.

How do I get pricing for my project? Please click here to find out how to get pricing.

Are all Neoporte door systems custom made to order? Yes, at this time all systems are engineered and custom manufactured to meet your project’s exact needs.

Do you stock any products? No, although we occasionally may have “factory seconds”, products with slight blemishes, etc. Please check with a salesperson for current availability.

Does Neoporte offer trade discounts? Yes, Neoporte typically extends a trade discount to professional designers, builders, developers, architects, etc.

Does Neoporte offer a discount for multi-unit orders? Yes, Neoporte typically extends a special discount for multi-unit orders when doors are ordered at the same time.

What is the difference in pricing for the different material and finish options offered? We currently charge the same pricing for stainless (304 alloy), ERA, and painted finish (standard color) options. There is an upcharge for 316 alloy stainless steel.

What is required to initiate my order? We require a completed and signed proposal along with a 50% deposit to initiate your order.

When is my final payment due? You will be notified when your order is complete and ready to ship. Final payment is required within (5) business days of this notification. Your order will NOT be shipped until final payment is received.

Lead Times *

What is your standard lead time? Initial shop drawings are typically provided within 3-5 business days. Once all information is confirmed, missing information supplied, and necessary changes made, we will furnish final shop drawings for review and approval. Production lead times are typically 12 weeks from receipt of final, approved shop drawings.

When does my production lead time start? Your production lead time begins upon receipt of signed, final shop drawings.

Can you expedite my frame and ship it before my door to not hold up other construction? Yes. Expediting charges may apply and you will incur additional crating and freight charges. Please consult your project manager for additional information.

Is expediting available for my entire order? Maybe. Please consult with your salesperson for new orders or project manager for existing orders. Expediting charges may apply.

Performance & Testing *

Why is it important to purchase a complete door system from a single manufacturer? Every component of a Neoporte entry door system is designed and engineered to work together as an integral system, forming a tight seal around the entire door to resist leaks and drafts. The best way to assure you get a high performing door is to select a door system where all parts are provided from one manufacturer.

Are Neoporte doors hurricane rated? At this time our doors have NOT been tested and approved for use in areas where hurricane rated doors are required. We are able to supply most door designs with optional hurricane-rated laminated glass. Some Neoporte clients living in areas where hurricane rated doors are required have employed hurricane shutters as an alternative.*

* Client is responsible for checking with and complying with all local building codes and requirements.

How well do Neoporte doors perform in extreme cold weather? Neoporte doors shipping to extreme, cold weather environments are offered with an optional, high-performance foam core and thermally broken frame system to provide excellent insulation properties. Mullion tubes are factory filled with expanding foam insulation, and we recommend that your installer spray foam insulation that is readily available at most home improvement and hardware stores behind the door jambs and header during the installation process. There are many satisfied Neoporte customers in many severe cold weather environments including Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, Canada, and even Norway!

What are the R-Values of Neoporte doors? Neoporte has NOT tested its door systems for thermal performance. The estimated R-values for the door slab based on 2-¼” thick door design and core type are as follows:

CoreEst. R-Value
Insulated Foam Core (std.)9

Are Neoporte frames thermally-broken? We do offer thermally-broken frames and thresholds as an option for severe-cold weather environments on most frame configurations.

Do you supply fire rating labels on Neoporte doors and door systems? Typical residential entry doors do NOT require fire rating labels. We can however supply Neoporte doors and door systems with fire rating labels when required. Typical applications that would require fire rating labels include garage-to-home entries and multi-family (i.e. condominium) entries from a common corridor*. Please contact your salesperson for additional information as there are design restrictions on fire rated doors.

* Client is responsible for checking with and complying with all local building codes and requirements

Are Neoporte doors secure? Neoporte door systems are designed with a host of security features in mind, including commercial-grade 16 gauge door skins, 2 ¼” thick doors, heavy duty commercial grade locksets, and non-removable pin security hinges. Additional options include security viewers, security laminated glass, and electronic access control hardware.

How durable is my stainless steel Neoporte door? Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials used in building and construction. With proper grade selection and maintenance, the appearance of your stainless doors will remain unchanged over the life of your home. Stainless steel is specified on residential and commercial projects because of its corrosion resistance and service life.

Material & Finishes *

When should I choose 316 alloy stainless steel over 304 alloy stainless steel? We strongly recommend the upgrade to 316 alloy for projects within 1 mile of the coastline or anyplace where the additional corrosion resistance is warranted (ex. pools, saunas, etc.).

Does my stainless door require cleaning? How often? Neoporte stainless steel doors are easy to clean. Stainless steel will look its best and provide maximum corrosion resistance when wiped down regularly. Regular cleaning with appropriate products will not alter the look of your stainless door over time. Frequency will depend on location and other environmental conditions but as a general guideline we recommend wiping your door down about once per month or when dirt and surface contaminants are noticed.

How do I clean my stainless steel door? Loose dirt can be rinsed off with water. Denatured alcohol or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water solution can also be applied with a soft micro-fiber cloth then rinsed off with water and wiped or squeegeed dry. Be sure to wipe in the same direction as the grain. Acetone can be used if more aggressive cleaning is required. You can also use a wide variety of stainless steel cleaning products such as Magic® Stainless Steel Cleaner that are readily available at home improvement and hardware stores.

Will I see fingerprints on my stainless Neoporte door? Doors are typically operated by pushing or pulling on the lever or pull handle, not by putting our hands on the door itself. That being said, we know your friends will not be able to keep their hands off of your new Neoporte door! Oils and dirt on our hands can leave fingerprints on stainless steel. Stainless steel cleaning products and polishes such as Magic® Stainless Steel Cleaner are designed to clean, and also leave a transparent protective coating that repels dirt and water and prevents the appearance of fingerprints.

Is the ERA finish door made from “Cor-ten”? The ERA series is fabricated from weathering steel, also commonly referred to as “Cor-ten®” steel. When exposed, weathering steel develops a natural rust patina that serves as a protective outer layer that guards against future corrosion. Neoporte has developed a special finishing technique that accelerates the aging and rusting process of the ERA finish door prior to shipping. The color and characteristic of the patina will continue to mature and change over time.
*Cor-ten® is a registered trademark of the United States Steel Corporation

Will the ERA finish rub off on clothing and/or stain my surrounding hardscape? ERA finish products from Neoporte are shipped unsealed. The patina will rub off on clothing, etc. and it may bleed and stain surrounding areas. Some clients have expressed a desire to seal their ERA finish doors. There are commercially available sealants that are marketed as effective sealants for rusted steel. Some sealant manufacturers include:

Important: Neoporte does NOT advocate the use of any particular sealant/sealant manufacture; nor do we make claims regarding the performance of any particular sealant on our ERA finished products.

Do you offer custom color match for painted finish doors? Yes. We do offer custom color match for painted finish doors but additional charges apply. We can color match from a Pantone Matching System (PMS) code, or physical sample.

Sizing, Hardware & Options *

What is the largest door Neoporte will build? We can build a door up to 57-¼” wide and 120″ tall (per door leaf). Consult with a Neoporte salesperson for the possibility of larger sizing.

What is the largest frame Neoporte will build? Neoporte frames are manufactured to your specifications. Sidelite and transom sizes are virtually limitless, though there may be shipping constraints. Frames that cannot be shipped on a common carrier may need to be field spliced. Please consult with a sales representative for further assistance regarding your project.

How much does a Neoporte door weigh? Please refer to the below chart for approximate weight (lbs) of a single Neoporte door.

3'0" 150175200

We like the pull configuration option but would like to supply pulls from a different manufacture. Will they work on a Neoporte door? Yes, they should work so long as the mounting hardware provided with your pull is suitable for installation in a steel door that is 2-¼” thick. If you are able to provide us with a template or mounting instructions we will be glad to prepare the door for the pull installation by punching the appropriate holes in the face of the door, or you can have drilled by your installer.

Can we supply our own lockset? Maybe. You will need to confirm that the lockset can be ordered and installed in a 2-¼” thick door. Neoporte’s engineering may require templates and/or installation instructions and possibly the physical hardware itself to ensure compatibility. Consult with your salesperson for new projects or your project manager for existing projects.

Can we supply our own levers for use with the Neoporte lockset? While our locksets are not proprietary, they may not be compatible with your choice of levers. If you wish to supply your own lever we will evaluate and advise whether or not they are compatible.

Neoporte engineering confirmed that our levers will NOT work with the Neoporte lockset. Can we supply our own lockset? We may be able to prep your doors for a special lockset. We will need to know what type of lockset you propose to use so we can determine if we can prep our doors to accept your lockset. Special engineering fees may apply.

Do you offer security glass? I want glass in my door and/or frame but I am concerned about break-ins. You have a right to be concerned. Glass is always the weakest component and the path to entry that a burglar is most likely going to exploit. Your Neoporte system glass can be provided with an optional security laminate that increases impact resistance, holds the glass together when broken, and makes it tougher to penetrate.